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We have developed Azurite Fitness Share so our amazing users can play a part in what we bring to the platform.

Our exercise crowd sourcing efforts aim to compile a large database of exercises that are rich in high quality data, and that will only improve as time goes on. 

We know that every single person on the planet is capable of achieving incredible. You can help people achieve incredible things and fire themselves into a healthier, happier future.

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Exercise Share

What's a workout without exercises?

Crowd sourcing exercises is the first core role of Azurite Fitness Share. We know that to create any form of fitness plan or workout, you need exercises. They form the core of every workout and are one vital part of the equation to achieve health and fitness goals. 

With our Exercise Share features, we have made it easy to not just add information to exercises that are so far incomplete, but to provide suggestions of edits to exercises that are reviewed and live. Every piece of input is vital to ensuring that every user has exactly what they need to achieve incredible.

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Share Partner Program

A few to help the many

We know how important it is to have information and demonstrations that will help you to achieve incredible things. That's where the Share Partner Program comes in. We want to partner with a group of volunteers who can provide high quality, accurate exercise videos for exercises across our database, helping to give every gym goer, at every level, the knowledge they need to do exercises they want to.

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More input = more points

Azurite Fitness Share has been built from the ground up to let you know just how big of an impact you have had. We keep you updated on how many exercises you have contributed to, how many unique details you have provided, as well as how many points you have earned.

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