Exercise Submission Guidelines

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At Azurite Fitness, we want to ensure that every user has the information and knowledge they need to achieve incredible things. We and our users appreciate every single exercise that is submitted for our database and are eternally grateful for all the contributions that are made.

However, we also want to ensure a positive and consistent experience for all of our users. To ensure the safety and wellbeing of all of our users, we request that every submission adheres to the following guidelines, to ensure that every single user has the very best experience.

Exercise Details Guidelines

  • All details of the exercise will be provided by the user and not be taken from any website or other form of media outlet.

  • All written details will be submitted without indecent language or swearing.

  • We request that all exercise details are submitted in English at this time.

Exercise Photos & Videos Guidelines

  • We request that any submitted photos & videos be recorded in a neutral place, with only the user completing the exercise in shot.

  • That the subject in any submitted photos or video be the one who is submitting the exercise to our database.

  • We request that the user in any photo or video submitted is dressed appropriately for the gym with a minimum of:

    • T-Shirt, shorts and trainers

    • A vest that is not overly revealing, shorts and trainers

    • We request that any clothing is plain in nature with no visible branding on show.

  • That the video is recorded in a quiet place with no speech of any sort.

  • That any weight-based exercise is recorded with a lighter weight, to ensure the highest quality reps are attainable.

  • That each repetition shown is at a steady pace and that the exercise is not rushed.

  • Any video submitted is no longer than 30 seconds in length.

  • Any video submitted shows an exercise at the clearest angle possible to show best form for the duration of each repetition.

  • We request that at least one image be submitted alongside a video to be used in the exercise list.

  • Ensure that all COVID-19 rules are followed at all times throughout creating any content for submission.

Azurite Fitness Exercise Submission Rights

  • We maintain the right to remove any exercise submitted that does not abide by the outlined guidelines.

    • Any exercise not deemed suitable will be deleted from the database directly during review and will never enter the public database on the launch of Project Kilauea.

  • We maintain the right to change or replace any video to ensure the highest quality for all users.

  • We maintain the rights to all exercise details submitted by any user for the duration of Azurite Fitness’s lifespan.

  • We maintain the right to edit or adjust any exercise details to ensure the highest quality possible for all users.

  • All videos to be used in the database will be uploaded as an unlisted video on YouTube for use in Azurite Fitness only. This will mean that the link will be stored securely in our database and that the video will not appear in any searches on YouTube or anywhere else.

  • We maintain the right to terminate the account of any user whose content is seen as a clear breach of our Exercise Submission Guidelines.

We appreciate every incredible user who submits an exercise to our database, to help us build a great service for everyone. With your help, we can help even more people achieve incredible things.

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