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Azurite Fitness

Version 2.2

Measure. Track. Motivate. Your way.

For All

We stand by every community and every person to be who they are, wherever they are.


Health & Fitness Focused

To achieve goals on a health journey, progress is key. With Azurite Fitness, our key aim has always been to create something for everyone, so that each person has the tools to track their progress toward their goals. Whether you're just getting started or are a professional body builder, we will be working on features for you.




Your progress, measured

Tracking progress has always been important in health and fitness, though there are so many different measurements to take. With Azurite Fitness, you can keep track of weight and body fat percentage through our Health features, and keep tabs of changes to your body with Measure. We will help you keep track of your key metrics, with even more to come.


Health, tracked differently

Keep track of your progress in even more ways, from your weight & body fat percentage, to keeping tabs on your progress visually with the new Progress Diary and Comparison Mode, seeing the progress your making has never been so easy.

Smart Goals

Your goals, broken down

We have developed Smart Goals to provide a great new experience for our users. With Smart Goals, we help you take your big goal, and break it down into small increments, to try and help make your overall goal more attainable by keeping things small. Plus, with BMI checks built into weight Smart Goals, we will watch your back and make sure your goal is safe, so you can progress toward it worry free.

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