Azurite Fitness offers a range of features to help you track your fitness. From Smart Goals to Measure, there's plenty of ways to help you track your fitness, with plenty more still to come.

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Smart Goals

Your goals, broken down

With Smart Goals, we aimed to create a feature that would help to break your larger goals down into smaller, more attainable increments, to help you to stick to and achieve your goal.


Quick Setup

With a quick and easy 4 part setup process, creating your smart goal couldn't be easier. Just confirm your current reading, add your goal, set how you want to break it down and off you go. And designed to be right under your thumb, the setup couldn't be easier to complete.


Quick view

We have designed the Dashboard Smart Goal to be easy and quick to see and understand. We show you the increment that your current metric reading puts you in, showing your progress toward the end of your current increment. And when you update your metric reading, we will automatically check to see if you have moved on an increment or are getting close.

Safety at the forefront

When you setup a Smart Goal for weight, your safety takes priority. Once you provide your goal weight, we will check your BMI for that chosen goal weight. If we find your new goal takes your weight into the Unhealthy Weight zone, we will automatically calculate a safer goal that we will highlight in a recommendation. However, flexibility is key, with the ability to ignore the recommendation easily available.

Body Measurements


Your progress, measured

We designed Measure to be easy to use, with controls that are right under your thumb on the Dashboard. Plus with the flexibility of measuring with numbers and photos, you can measure the way you want to.


Multiple Metrics

Measure includes an array of metrics, from arms and chest to hips and legs. Measure will help you to keep track of where you are up to on your journey and what progress you are making.


Quick Updates

Updating your measurements is incredibly easy. Simply tap the plus button on the metric card and update your metric in the interface that appears. And with the easy number input, it's as quick as tapping plus or minus buttons to change the metric to what it should be.

Number and Photo tracking

Every metric supported by Measure allows you to track your progress through numbers, photos or both. We want all of our users to have the greatest flexibility possible to track progress how they would prefer. Plus, almost every metric now supports Info Cards, so you can quickly learn how to take different measurements to get you started tracking your progress.

Checking Weight


Your data, at the fore front

Health is very important, so we have ensured that you can keep track of your basic metrics simply and quickly. With the flexibility of number and photo tracking, you can track how you want.


Flexible Tracking

With multiple metrics to track including Photo Progress, it is completely down to personal preference how you monitor your health. Plus, all the metric cards full support Details View, meaning a broader snapshot of your metric data is just a tap away.


We have designed the Health Dashboard to give you the clearest glance at your health possible. Auto-BMI saves nothing to your Azurite Fitness account, instead being calculated automatically when required. Plus with Info Card support, you can find out just what your score means.


Supports Smart Goals

When setting goals, it is vital to be sensible and realistic. Though a big goal is perfectly attainable, the distance to that big goal may make staying motivated difficult. With Smart Goals, you can set that big goal and let us help you break it down into smaller chunks, so you can keep achieving incremental goals on your journey to your end goal.

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Details View

Your data, at the fore front

We designed Details View to be a hub for your data across different metrics. From your chest measurements to your body weight and progress photos, Details View puts access to your data and a view of your progress to the fore front.


Easy access

Details View has been designed to be easily accessible through the apps dashboard. Multiple metrics support Details View, including those found in health and measure. Simply tap on a metric card and Details View will be right there under your thumb.

Glanceable details

Details View is your hub for all metric details. With a quick glance, you can easily see your current data values, a graph of your most recent data, history at the push of a button, and for those metrics that support it, your latest 8 images and easy access to the Gallery.


Your voice, heard

Feedback Centre

Ever since we began the journey to create Azurite Fitness, we always wanted user feedback to be a vital element of our development process. Allowing us to create a picture of what our users wanted from the app and what we needed to focus on most to provide you with the experience you want. With the new Feedback Centre, we make this vision of centralised feedback a reality.


Feedback, central

With Feedback Centre in Azurite Fitness, user feedback takes priority, with all user feedback available for others to vote on. We want to have a close and honest connection with our users, to help build a product that they want.


And so much more

From major features to subtle extras, all to give you a great experience.

We want every user to have the very best experience in Azurite Fitness. From Info Cards to Personalisation, we have done everything we can to give you a great, personal experience.


Info Cards

At Azurite Fitness, we wanted to provide the best features possible to help you track your fitness. Info Cards are designed to help you by providing core information in a clear way. Just tap on any blue question mark and you'll see the Info you need. These can be found against most measure metrics and Auto-BMI scores currently.


We know how important a personal experience is. That is why we designed Azurite Fitness to be personal on different levels. From accent colour selection to full theme support, we let you have the experience you want.


My Motivation

When you set out on a journey, it is always encouraging to have motivation. My Motivation is designed for you to motivate yourself the way you want. With photo support and the ability to set a motivational text or quote, you can truly make your Dashboard Home your own.


Targets are personal and everyone aims for different things. With Achieve, we allow you to create targets that you plan to achieve. It is then up to you when you have achieved each target, placing you in complete control.


Azurite Fitness Premium

To keep ensuring we can provide the best exprience, we show ads. But we know that ads can be annoying, so we've created Azurite Fitness Premium. Premium gives you a simple promise: no ads, ever and every feature, always.