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Azurite Fitness: Insider Access

Find out what's coming to Azurite Fitness

We have always aimed to build an app that helps our users achieve their goals. To help us create the product you want, we have included Insider Access within the app. You can get hands on with the newest features and let us know what you think through Feedback. Your input will help to shape the app as we move forward and evolve the experience and add new features that you will love. Plus, Insider Access Features aren't only for Beta users, so everyone can take a look at what's coming next.

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Insider access: Our App

Join the beta

With Azurite Fitness, we want to provide the best experience possible. To do that, release new updates to Beta users first, so they can try out new experiences and let us know if there are any issues before a public release.


Join the Beta. Help shape the future.

Now that Azurite Fitness has reached pre-registration, it won't be long before we make the app available to the public. We will however be continuing the beta program after the release, to ensure the very best experience for all.

Insider access: App Updates

What’s New

These are some of the features available now on Insider Access.


Metric Notes

Our Insider Access users can now make use of new note inputs in Health and Measure metrics, bringing the ability to keep track of a little more than just a number.

Insider access: App Features

See how we progressed

When we began our Open Beta, we set out with a handful of core features. See how we added to that core with features to put you in control and to give you the very best experience.


Health, focused

Health in Azurite Fitness, provides an easy way to track your body weight changes over time. With easy data input for metrics such as weight and body fat percentage along with photo progress, it is easier than ever to keep track of where your at. Plus with numerical and photo progress being independent, you can use either or both.

NEW: Info Cards

Info Cards have been designed to show information to users about different metrics and features of Azurite Fitness. In their current form, they support text, lists and images. When opened, they appear at the bottom of the screen and are easily dismissible, so you can find out what you need and continue as quickly as you need.


NEW: Smart Goals

Smart Goals have been designed to let you break large goals down into smaller increments, to make them more attainable. Each increment has the same amount of loss, all adding up to take you to your overall goal. Plus, once you get there, we will add an achieved target for you to mark the moment you achieved your goal. With BMI check built into weight Smart Goals, we also ensure that your goal isn't just attainable, but is safe, so you can progress toward your goal, worry free.

NEW: Azurite Fitness Premium

We are now rolling out our new subscription offering, Azurite Fitness Premium. With payment options of monthly, quarterly and yearly, it is flexible for all of our users. With full feature access always and no ads ever, premium gives users the best experience possible.


NEW: Gallery

With the new gallery, we have designed a flexible way for you to manage your photos throughout the app. From your own My Motivation images to your body progress photos, the gallery is built to provide what you need. Head to any metric that supports images, give the card a tap and see your photos through your progression.

NEW: Feedback Request

We have developed Feedback Request from the ground up, to enable us to find out what our users think about specific elements of their experience. From sending a simple response of a rating or a yes/no, to being able to send a more detailed piece of feedback, it provides us with true flexibility to find out what our users want. The feedback we receive will be used to help shape work that is coming soon or that is ongoing.


Your achievements, on target

Achieve has been developed to give you the freedom to set your own targets and decide if and when you have completed them. With it's simple design, you can switch between those targets you have yet to achieve, and those you have already completed. Plus, if you aren't happy with a target, you can easily delete it.

Progress, measured

Available in our first beta, Measure will allow you to track your progress through measurements of various body parts, from arms and legs to chest and waist. With its built in flexibility, you can measure with only numerical measurements, only with pictures or even go for both. Updating values is easy and seeing more data is as simple as a card tap away.


Personal. Motivational.

My Motivation is designed to let you provide your own personal touch, with a place for goal or a motivational quote from someone you admire. Plus with Azurite Photo Frame, you will be provided with different images at different times of the day.

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