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AzFit Ambassador Program

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AzFit Ambassador Program Mission

At Azurite Fitness, we want to develop great new experiences for all of our users, to encourage and help them achieve incredible things. We can all achieve incredible, and with the right tools & knowledge, we can do it. The Ambassador Program, aims to bring together incredible people, with a passion, drive, enthusiasm and love for health & fitness. To bring them together through social media to help inspire and encourage everyone to go out and do something amazing. We hope to offer all of our incredible Ambassadors a little something, along with tools to help them connect, socialise, share experience and support one another throughout their time as an ambassador.


AzFit Ambassador Program Offering

To help and support all of our Ambassadors, we have a multilayer offering to help connect and bring incredible people together.

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Dedicated Messaging Service

To help our Ambassadors connect, we have developed a dedicated messaging service for all of our Ambassadors. From here you can connect with individual ambassadors or take part in the group discussion, with regular contact from app developers and leaders.

Social Media Support

We will follow all ambassadors on social media platforms that we support, with a private Instagram account for ambassadors to share potential posts with others. We also aim to like and comment on every post we are tagged in to help support every ambassador.

Misty Slope
Misty Slope

Apparel & more

To show our appreciation for all the help we receive from our ambassadors, we will offer each member of the program a piece of apparel and the chance to earn other rewards throughout the program.

More to come

We listen to all of our ambassadors and aim to introduce more to the program over time, to ensure every ambassador can do there bit to inspire and encourage others to achieve incredible.

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AzFit Ambassador Application

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