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Azurite Fitness Beta 8 - V1.2.0 - Release Candidate

Today, we are making beta 8 available on Google Play, with a number of fixes and improvements for our users. As well as ensuring the best possible experience as we work toward our official release, we have included some major changes, new features and improvements to give you the best experience. We are reaching a stage now that we are ready to begin marking release builds as Release Candidate (RC) ready, with the aim for one of these upcoming releases being our first official release.

Here is what's new in version 1.2.0 (10201)

Measure updates

Left & Right Shoulder Deprecation

Today, we are announcing several updates to Measure. To start with, we are deprecating the designated Left and Right Shoulder inputs that are currently available to our users. The display of these two data metrics will remain available, however new users will no longer have access to start tracking these metrics. We have instead, replaced these two separate metrics with a single Shoulders metric, which is more inline with how the shoulders would be measured.

New Metrics

We have also added two brand new metrics that you can track from this release: Neck and Hips. These are single value metrics that only require one data input each. These do though, support both numerical and photo input. We hope these added metrics will allow you to keep a more comprehensive track of your progress.

Other changes & improvements

We have also updated the menu to start tracking new metrics in measure, to ensure that they are shown in the correct order, from arms through to legs. As a part of this update, we have changed the names of arm and leg metrics to give them their proper titles. Though the titles may not be visible in the cards straight away for existing users, once you update any affected metric, the titles shown should update.

Info Cards

We are introducing Info Cards across the app, which have been designed to show important information about different features in the app or what they support. In todays release, we are making available info cards for measure and all the different metrics included, along with Auto-BMI. To open an Info Card, simply tap anywhere that you see a circled, blue Question Mark.

We will be introducing more Info Cards in the future, to help and provide guidance on different elements of health and fitness along with the different features available in Azurite Fitness.

Other fixes and improvements

  • We have improved the Photo Progress card on the Health dashboard to make the images take up more of the cards space.

  • We have made the drag marks on our pop up cards bigger to make them easier to see.

  • We have added some UI improvements to Image Selection (Beta) to give it a more consistent look.

  • We have added button tap effects to the options in Image Selection (Beta) to make it clear what has been pressed.

  • We have updated the buttons for save and cancel in Image Selection (Beta) to use the users defined Accent Colour.

  • We have updated the save progress in Image Selection (Beta) to show the progress of the image saving numerically rather than just the progress bar.

  • We have updated Image Selection (Beta) so if image upload fails, you have the option to retry the upload or cancel it.

  • We have updated the UI of the Privacy Policy screen.

  • We have updated Details View with a more consistent UI to provide a better experience.

  • We have improved error messaging and checking when changing your password on the account screen, we have also fixed an issue that would cause the app to crash whilst your password was being changed.

Known Issues

  • We are aware of an issue for users who already have arm or leg measurements, where the title of the metric doesn't update to the new titles.

  • We are working on a fix to prevent the update button appearing on the now deprecated Left & Right shoulder metric cards.

  • We are aware of an issue where users who already have arm or leg metrics measured aren't seeing the access to Info Cards.

With this update, we are another step closer to our Official Release. We hope that the new Info Cards will provide the guidance you need to make the best use of our different features and that the new Measure metrics will be useful to you too. As always, head to Feedback Centre to let us know what you think!

Keep up the hustle,

Tim C.

Azurite Fitness Developer

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