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Azurite Fitness 2.1: Enhancements for all

Today, we are incredibly excited to introduce our first minor update to Azurite Fitness version 2. Since the launch of version 2, we have been working hard to improve your experience, fixing bugs and tweaking things in the background to keep things ticking along nicely. However, we have also been working on some profound changes across our current feature set to truly improve your experience and give you even more. We know there are features our users really want, and we've got plenty of other work going on in the background.

When we introduced version 2.0, it was all about shifting the platform into a new generation, with a brand-new codebase and visual design to bring everything together. Now, version 2.1 looks at moving forward and enhancing this next generation as we look toward further improvements & innovations into the future, as we start to take the platform in a new direction.

Here's what's new in version 2.1.0

Home Dashboard Update

New Dashboard, everything you expect, all in one place

With version 2.1, we are excited to introduce our first big visual update to the Home dashboard. This has now also become our only Dashboard, with us removing the bottom navigation bar and making Health, Measure & Achieve available from Home. To achieve this, we've brought the Health & Measure cards from the Metric dashboard introduced in version 2.0, into the dashboard, whilst introducing improvements on how we decide what data to show in the Measure card. We've added a similar design for the Achieve card which is new for version 2.1. The home Dashboard also now supports Photo Shield, enabling better photo support on the dashboard.

It is also worth noting we have now also added trends in your two most recent health readings and measure reading on the Dashboard. It is designed to be glanceable so you can get a quick view of what's happening within your most recent readings without having to dig deeper.

We have also now enabled access to Comparison Mode from the images held within the health & measure cards, giving you even quicker access to the power of Comparison Mode. Read on to also find out what's new and improved with Comparison Mode!

Gym session limiter has also received improvements to make it more reliable. We added the limiter, so you didn't accidentally track more sessions than you needed to each day. We now look back at your four most recent sessions to ensure that once you've hit the limit for your day, we remove the log button. However, you can still increase your limit with a current maximum of 3 sessions per day, by going to Settings -> Gym.

Motivation Update

Motivation showing the new goal and date pills

Version 2.1 introduces a range of changes and improvements across Motivation, to help all users make the most of self-motivation. One of the most important elements behind a successful fitness journey is the motivation and reasoning behind it. It could be as simple as improved health, but it may be that you're aiming for a holiday, or an upcoming competition. So now Motivation allows you to select a Motivation goal, adding to one of the new pills shown at the bottom of Motivation. We also have a custom option which allows a user to set their own Motivation goal rather than a preset option.

Users can also now set the date that they are aiming for. For example, the screenshot shown to the right gives the date on which a holiday begins. This could apply to different motivational goals, from photoshoots to competitions. However, the date pill is optional and can be easily cleared within Motivation settings. Also new here is the ability to show a countdown timer to your goal date! Just to really give you the focus on your goal that you need, a reminder that time is limited on the journey to our goals, to help you stay focused and on track.

We have also finished off this piece of design, by making your Focus match the design of the other two pills, yet keeping it in the same position that the original card was placed in. This pill can also now be hidden by going to Settings -> Personal Details and updating the focus visibility switch.

Finally, we have introduced for users running Android 12 and newer, motivation image blur, to let you really fine tune the Motivation section in the app to look how you want it to.

Comparison Mode Update

Comparison Mode and the updated layout for Progress Diary

With Version 2.1, we wanted to take Comparison Mode up a gear by enhancing it in a useful new way. Since its introduction with Version 2.0, Comparison Mode has been a useful tool for comparing different progress photos over time, helping users see the progress they are making visually.

In this update we have introduced changes to Comparison Mode when used to compare images in Progress Diary. In version 2, once an image pair was selected, you had to back out of Comparison Mode and select a new image pair from the same dates. Now, instead of backing out, we provide access to all three images from both date points, so you can easily compare progress across both dates, without having to go back and forth to see the images from the two selected date points.

This can be seen here with the three thumbnail images shown to the right of the two stacked images. This is supported both in horizontal and vertical modes, with the thumbnails moving to the bottom of the screen when in horizontal Comparison Mode, to ensure that the selections do not introduce onto the images.

We have also updated the buttons shown within Comparison mode, to make it clearer what actions they relate to.

Smart Goals Upgrade

The newly designed final step of Smart Goals

In version 2.1, we've taken this opportunity to completely overhaul Smart Goals, simplifying the implementation and ensuring the best experience going forward. This upgrade of Smart Goals also requires less data being saved and loaded, which in turn should help to provide better performance on the health dashboard.

However, in keeping with our mission to build experiences for everyone, we have also introduced full support for Smart Goals that are decreases or increases, meaning a better experience for users trying to lose weight, and those body builders in their bulk phase trying to gain. Everything works in the same way from Smart Goal setup to management, you shouldn't notice any visual change to how Smart Goals work - however they will need to be setup again if you have Smart Goals using our previous iteration as these changes have not been migratable.

We have also taken this opportunity to upgrade the final step of Smart Goals to clean up the interface you see that gives you all the details of your ready to setup goal. Moving away from the 4-box design, you'll find your current value to the left, your goal to the right and the increment details below, giving a clear view of what you have setup. This same update has also been applied to predefined Smart Goals, if you decide to change your Smart Goal for a fresh start.

Settings Update

One area of overall improvement we've introduced with version 2.1 is the settings experience. One of the key areas of change is how we save your settings as you change them. We have moved away from automatically saving your settings, instead going for the ability to edit your settings, and providing a save option when you've made changes. We have also moved some settings around a little, placing them in more logical locations within the Settings experience. You will also notice we have split up Gym & Motivation into their own individual settings screens, with the selection of new options available for Motivation warranting its own page!

The motivation settings screen has been through an overhaul to ensure that the different settings, such as your motivation and your goal are nicely separated out.

Fixes and improvements

  • Colour gradients have been added across all relevant buttons, including a special gradient for destructive actions! We hope you like this refinement to the experience.

  • We have updated the icon used to show which accent colour is selected in Personalisation to match icons used across the app.

  • We have updated the close buttons across all popup windows, so it no longer appears below the content and instead appears in the title bar, giving a cleaner experience and giving more screen space for the content to expand.

  • We have updated the date changing visual layout in multiple places in the app to make it look tidier.

  • We have fixed a crash that was occurring in Progress Diary when you had selected two entries to view and then proceeded to cancel the selection.

  • We have fixed a crash that was occurring in Progress Diary when adding a new entry.

  • We have in this release deprecated the existing settings setup experience, enabling us to bring the user into the app quicker.

  • We have updated Feedback Centre to make the send feedback buttons action more obvious.

  • We have updated Info Cards with the new header bar to match other popup windows, as well as making it central rather than appearing from the bottom.

  • We have improved the spacing used by the headers used across the app to give the text a little more vertical space.

  • We have updated some font sizes in various places on the Dashboard to make sure things match up.

  • We have updated particular buttons across the app to give them a little more prominence in the interface.

  • We have updated the Upgrade page UI slightly to make things a little clearer and tidier.

  • We have updated the Settings page account UI to bring the sign out button further up the screen from the bottom.

  • We have updated elements in Smart Goals to visually improve the setup experience.

  • We have removed the old Smart Goal setup step indicator, replacing it with a changing subtitle in the header instead.

  • We have in this release removed the quarterly subscription option from our upgrade offering, with Monthly and Yearly our current options. We will be adding a third option back soon, so watch this space!

  • We have updated feature locks across the app to make them more informative about what Premium unlocks.

  • We have updated the login process, so that none verified users are taken back to verification on login so that they can take full advantage of the app once verified.

  • We have made some changes to improve the app experience for new users.

  • We have fixed a crash occurring on gym logging for first time users.

  • We have improved the tablet experience for various parts of the app.

We are incredibly excited for you to get your hands on version 2.1 and to let us know what you think! We believe this first minor update begins our transition into the future, building upon the next generation platform that we built with version 2. We begin to deviate away from what was the norm in versions 1 & 2 and into the next chapters to come. We have plenty more planned, so stay tuned for more later this year!

Keep pushing forward,

Tim C.

Azurite Fitness Developer

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