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Azurite Fitness: A glimpse at the future

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Ever since the first beta release of Azurite Fitness, it has always been our ambition to create a product for everyone, that was built with features that could help every person track their fitness in their own way. We always strove to create the best experience possible, with a straightforward design and a user experience that made it easy to record your progress as well as track it with ease.

Since our first beta and first official release back in 2021, we have built upon the foundations that we began with, giving each user more control over their data and expanding the experience further. All of this was done on our original codebase, which as you can guess, has aged over the years of development.

After the initial release back in 2021, we hoped to turn our focus to the next set of major features that would land on the platform, which would expand the experience further still and give every user even more ways to track their fitness journey. However, it is sometimes best to go back to fundamentals.

Before beginning this major feature work, it was important to make a decision on the future direction of the codebase and platform, to ensure that new features weren't simply being added to a codebase that would not be far from needing a fresh start.

Since early 2022, we have been working on a completely new codebase for Azurite Fitness, based on modern Android development languages, tools and capabilities, to ensure the update you get will give you the best experience going forward, whilst being future proofed from a development standpoint. We know everyone loves new features, and these are all still in the pipeline, but it is important for platform fundamentals to be in place first, to ensure the best experience possible.

First glimpse of the future

We are incredibly excited to offer you this first glimpse of what's coming next to Azurite Fitness. This shows off the new Home dashboard, with a modern design from top to bottom. With a new navigation bar, which becomes transparent toward the bottom, to the addition of your goal and weight information right on the home dashboard. Your motivation still sits on your home dashboard, with your Gym session count below, dramatically simplified from the lines of text you got in our first release. All this on top of the stunning new light and dark themes on full display, giving an idea of just what the whole experience will look and feel like with our updated colour palettes, all new icons, and a stunning new design.

We know that the above is only the smallest glimpse at what is coming, and that you may well want to learn more still. We continue to work on this future experience and are excited to introduce this completely new experience along with more information about what we've done behind the scenes in 2023. And although the features we hoped to introduce won't be in the mix in the next update, there's some new things we really can't wait to introduce you to!

We cannot wait to show you and tell you more in 2023!

Keep pushing forward,

Tim C.

Azurite Fitness Developer

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