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Azurite Fitness - V1.2.4

Updated: May 7, 2021

Today, we are releasing version 1.2.4, first to our beta testers, followed by our production users. We've been working on some fixes and improvements for this first update, to ensure all our users get the best experience possible.

Health Updates

We always want to ensure that you get the best experience that is designed to keep you in your flow as much as possible. To achieve this, we are today removing the old Body Weight Tracking update UI and making the Health Dashboard behave more like the Measure Dashboard. Therefore, to start tracking a new Health metric, simply tap "+ New" and select from the available options. The new reading interface will then appear at the bottom.

This work has been done for several reasons. First, to streamline your experience and reduce the amount of navigation required in the app. Second, to ensure it remains in line with other areas of the Dashboard. Finally, by removing the emphasis on Body Weight Tracking as we have done, we make the focus of this part of the Dashboard about a user's Health. We have some more features planned for the Health Dashboard and look forward to hearing any feedback you have!

Health & Measure new reading updates

We are looking for feedback regarding how we save your data. Up to now, we automatically save your data as you add a new reading for measure or health.

In this release, we are adding for Insider Access users, a new "Save" button to these UI's, which will allow users the capability to save data manually. We will be requesting feedback through Feedback Centre and Feedback Request on which approach is preferred or whether the availability of both would be beneficial.

Introducing Updated Themes

Today, we are introducing a major set of changes to the way the app is themed. Users may have noticed in the versions prior to this, that though most elements were coloured correctly, some interface elements would always be a blue colour. In today's release, we are drastically improving themes for every colour we offer.

To start things off, we have overhauled how themes are applied across the app, to make it a more seamless experience for every colour. So now, every element of UI should be coloured appropriately for your selected theme. This includes checkboxes and switches, to name a couple. As a result of this work, you will also see the coloured top app bar with a darker hue for the status bar. This brings Azurite Fitness into alignment with the design language of the platform.

As a major part of the Themes update, we have overhauled Dark Theme across the app. We have made the background colour a dark grey rather than black, ensuring foreground elements stand out better. We have also made changes to every colour option in the app. Our accent colours now have a dark theme equivalent, which is simply a lighter tone of the light mode colour. This change should ensure that you have the best experience and reduces strain on the eyes. We have finally improved the text colour on all buttons, to ensure that text on brighter colours is easier to read and again will prevent eye strain. To check out the new dark theme colours, head to Settings -> Personalisation and activate dark theme.

Other fixes and improvements

  • We have made some changes to improve the accessibility of text boxes throughout the app, to make the hint text colour more visible in light and dark themes. The app will now use the default text colour for the selected theme, to ensure its legibility.

  • We have cleaned up some UI elements that aren't needed anymore.

  • We have updated the toggle buttons on the Achieve Dashboard, so they look and behave as you'd expect them to.

  • We have changed the colour of the user outline when a profile image isn't uploaded, so it fits better with the themes update.

  • We have removed shadows from text and icons on buttons. With the updated themes we have introduced, light colours will have black text rather than the default white, to ensure the best experience possible.

This is our official first update, and we are happy with where we've brought things. From even better light and dark themes to an improved Health Dashboard experience, there is still plenty more to come. We will be introducing some of that work soon.

Hears to achieving incredible together,

Tim C.

Azurite Fitness Developer

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