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Insider Access Program: The inside scoop

As we work on the release of Azurite Fitness, we believe in involving users to help us create the very best experience possible for all of our users. This not only includes gathering feedback on users experience, but also issues within the app that require attention be the development team.

To do this, we are today announcing the Insider Access Program, which will give a select number of people who have a passion for health and fitness, the opportunity to try Azurite Fitness for Android and provide valuable feedback. This feedback will all be reviewed and plans and changes will be put in place to put the feedback into good use. Whether it's bug fixes or suggestions for improvements or features, we are listening to all the feedback we receive.

Our release levels

We have planned a group of release levels for Azurite Fitness, that will allow it to go through a large amount of testing, whether internal or external. We want to get the app into as many peoples hands as possible, so we have designed our release levels to accommodate this.

Internal Test Level

The internal test level is designed for developers and a small, select group of other users. This ring will receive the most updates. However, these updates will contain a larger number of bugs and incomplete designs. Testing here will allow for major bugs to be fixed. Once fixes here are retested, the build will be promoted to the Insider Access level.

Insider Access Level

The Insider Access Level is designed as the first external user access level, with a select number of users able to access these builds. This level is in place to allow users to use the app and test new functionality. It will allow feedback to be provided and the features to be refined before moving forward. If this level of testing reveals now major issues, it will be promoted to the Open Beta Level.

Open Beta Level

The Open Beta Level will be designed for a large number of users to utilize the app and provide feedback, which will be used to begin work on future builds. This level should be the most stable level, with the fewest major issues and will have close to final designs. Feedback from this ring will work toward improvements in preparation for production level release.

Production Level

The final level, the Production Level will be a production build available in the respective App Store. These will be the most stable builds possible, with finalized designs and functionality. This will be available in all territories the app is made available in to all users.

To get involved, head over the "Get Involved" page, where you can get in contact with us and or show your interest in the Insider Access Program. We cannot wait to hear from you. For more information on these levels, feel free to reach out to us.

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