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Azurite Fitness - 1.3.0

Today, we are releasing Azurite Fitness version 1.3.0 to users through the Production channel. The focus of this release has been to ensure the best visual experience possible, with extensive changes made throughout the app to give it a consistent & clean look and feel. We've also been working on some general bug fixes and improvements to ensure that things are working smoothly.

What's New

User Interface Updates

New rounded buttons, cards and text boxes

With this release, we've done a lot of work to improve elements throughout the UI, to give a more rounded, softer look that feels like it matches the icon shaping. This is in some places more subtle but in others, much more obvious. To start off with, we have updated the shape of buttons throughout the app to a pill shape and have now updated all text-based buttons with an icon as well. We have removed the custom-made icon & text buttons in favour of what Android already offers.

We have also added a lot more rounding to all cards throughout the app, from the health and measure cards to those found within the settings pages, such as Personalisation and Sports Settings. We have also updated all text boxes throughout the app to use an outlined look, which really refines the look of the UI in which they are placed. These have also been rounded on all corners to make the more rounded interface really come together. These major UI changes can be enjoyed right from the start, with improvements to the design of the login and registration process.

In this update, we have also spent some time refining the User Interface of the Dashboard, improving fonts and font sizes, giving a better sense of flow and priority throughout the app. To start with, the Gym dashboard card has had several changes to spacing and font sizes, depending on whether the content is a label or user defined content. A similar update can be seen in the Feedback Request interface, which has also received a clean-up and improved font size consistency.

On the Health Dashboard, we have made changes to font sizes on metric cards, from increasing the heading size to reducing the sizes of the user-based content. We have also updated the Auto-BMI card to bring it in line with other areas of the app, centralising its title and removing the icon to the right. We have also added more emphasis to label text that leads onto user content. We have also updated the colours used in the progress bar of Auto-BMI for dark mode, so they fit with the rest of the app.

Number input update

We have also taken this opportunity of UI refinement to update the number input UI that is used across the app. In its current form, the four buttons are spread evenly beneath the text box. Though this worked fine on different screen sizes, it was still causing issues on the smaller screens.

In this release, we have updated the UI to place the minus buttons to the left of the text box and the plus buttons to the right. The two buttons on either side are stacked, meaning that there are overall fewer elements to try to fit in horizontally, ensuring that the design works on the smallest smart phone screens. This design also works well to create a sense of negative values to one side, positive values to the other, to make it clearer which are which. We have also merged the unit label into the text box, which gives the UI a real sense of polish, so the three groups of elements all fill the spaces they are in.

Health & Measure Save Update

Today, we are rolling out a change that we made available to insider access users first, adding Save buttons to both the Health & Measure metric input interfaces, giving you full control over the Saving of your data, so any mistakes are not saved. We've also updated how the interface reacts to a successful or failed save, with some nice corresponding animations. We hope you like this change and how it improves your experience.

Details View Update

We have updated the graph used in our Details View to ensure the best experience for our users. With this update, users will see when Details View opens, the graph will draw in front of you, and we have ensured that there are no lines being cut off on peaks and troughs of the line. We have also made a change to ensure simplicity when deleting a piece of metric data in Details View. Now, when looking at your history, simply tap on the record you want to delete and confirm that you want to delete the record. We have more updates coming to Details View in coming updates to make it even more helpful.

Tablet & Landscape improvements

In this release, we have been working on some general improvements to the user experience when using a tablet and landscape mode as well. This mostly applies to settings pages such as personalisation and personal details. When using a tablet in landscape mode on these devices, you will now see a column layout to the cards rather than one long column. This should make the overall experience better by making more of the feature cards available without the need to scroll.

Other fixes and improvements

  • We have overhauled Feedback Centres loading mechanism to ensure that loading is paginated better to provide an improved experience.

  • We have added a "Clear Filters" button in Feedback Centre.

  • We have tweaked the Filters UI in Feedback Centre to give it a cleaner look.

  • We have removed vote and info buttons from the list of feedback items to ensure smoother loading times.

  • We have updated the Feedback Details page, adding the current votes to a card-based UI. We have also tweaked some other elements of the UI on this page.

  • We have updated how we check whether a user has voted on a specific piece of feedback to ensure a more optimised experience.

  • We have updated the Send Feedback interface to ensure the selections at the top have enough space.

  • We have fixed an issue in Feedback Centre where sorting by the highest or lowest number of votes would be the wrong way round when displaying the results.

  • We have made changes to the registration page, to ensure users who verify their email on a different device can refresh to move the verification process forward.

  • We have fixed an issue that would prevent verification emails being sent when tapping "send verification email" during registration.

  • We have updated the icon shown when a profile photo has not been uploaded. This now fits better with iconography throughout the app.

  • We have tweaked some buttons here and there to make them fit a little better.

  • We have added a new landing screen for new and logged out users.

  • We have updated the Privacy Policy screen to ensure the Privacy Policy appears under the back button when accessed from Settings.

  • We have added an acknowledgements page to the app to acknowledge every library that makes the app possible.

  • We have added a button press event to the down arrow in the account page that will automatically scroll down to the bottom portion of the page.

  • We have updated several strings to ensure more consistency, such as e-mail and names.

  • We have updated the Measure Update UI to prevent a crash when updating the numerical value for a new metric.

  • We have updated the Forgotten Password UI to centre content, to make it a little easier to reach.

  • We have updated the colour used on icons shown in the health dashboard cards to indicate increases or decreases in weight. We've also updated the colour of the progress bar for Smart Goals to use the correct light and dark mode colours.

  • We have updated details view to use the correct light and dark mode colours on the graph view.

  • The save status indicators in the app have been updated to use the correct light and dark mode colours.

  • We have fixed an issue where the update metric button on any measure card wasn't using the correct colour in dark theme.

  • We have updated the colours in dark mode for multiple elements in Feedback Centre.

  • We have made improvements to the login, register and forgotten password text boxes, to ensure error messages are easier to see against the background.

  • We have updated the icons in the setup buttons in My Motivation and Gym, to make the icon more representative of the action you are navigating to.

  • We have updated our number input view to use icons for the +/- symbols, to make it even clearer about which buttons are plus and which are minus.

  • We have improved the iconography for the delete user button on the Account page.

  • We have fixed the subscriptions page so tapping the down arrow button will expand the premium features list.

  • We have fixed the Create Target dialog so that it takes up more of the screen width, so the content has more space. We have also added some UI improvements with a general interface refinement work.

  • We have updated the login, forgotten password and register screens with a new UI, which makes the text boxes and buttons stand away from the background. It also ensures that text is easier to see.

  • We have increased the height of the Smart Goals progress bar to make it easier to see.

  • We have made a change that should prevent an app crash if a user deletes all weight or body fat percentage records but still has smart goals setup for each.

There's a lot of changes and improvements, both in the UI and in the background. We hope these changes result in a better experience for all our users. There is plenty of work ongoing to brings some great new features to you in the future, so stay tuned!

Let's keep at it,

Tim C.

Azurite Fitness Developer

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