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Azurite Fitness: 1.3.1

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Today, we are releasing version 1.3.1 to users on the beta channel, with production to follow over the coming days. This update has focused on improvements for two main app components: health & measure metrics and Details View. We wanted to make it easier than ever to drill down into your data and have full control over it. We've added some nice new features to really make your fitness tracking your own.

New accent colour options

Today as a part of our commitment to supporting and standing by the LGBTQ+ community, we have enabled our new colour selection in Azurite Fitness. Most of the new colours have been selected by members of the community and we cannot express our appreciation for the time they took to select their colours of choice. Since Pride is always, not just a month, these colours have been added permanently to the app as a gesture of solidarity to all in the community. Head over and choose from the thirty colours in our selection along with tailored dark theme variations that make the app shine.

Notes for Health & Measure metrics

Today, we are making our new Notes field for Health & Measure metrics available to users who have insider access enabled. When you add a new metric or update a metric you are already tracking, you will now see a notes text box. For this to work, you need to provide an updated reading to enable the ability to save the data. To simply add a note to your most recent reading, you'll want to read on to find out what else is new.

The Dashboard cards have therefore been updated to show you your current note if there is one available. These new features are being made available to Insider Access users first and will be rolled out to everyone in a future update.

Measure Update test

In this update, we are testing a slight design and user experience change for the measure update interface. For this test, we have changed the interface so instead of being at the bottom of the screen, we have it appearing in the centre in a dialog instead. We are interested in hearing what users think of this design change and whether it is something you would like to see rolled out in the app or whether you prefer it more like it used to be. Let us know via email or by sending feedback direct through Feedback Centre.

Details View improvements

In this release, we have made improving Details View a key focus, to ensure that you get the best experience possible. We see Details View as a central hub for details on any of your measured metrics, whether it be your weight or bicep size.

To start with, users with a larger number of measurements will notice that the progress graph has been updated to show twelve of your most recent readings instead of eight, to help you identify trends in your data and see just where you're going on your journey. We have also enabled the new notes features in Details View, so the reading your viewings note will be visible in Details View.

Some of the bigger changes are based around metric History. Now when a user taps the history button in the top right of Details View, all other content goes away to make your metrics history take centre stage. Along with this change, we have overhauled the design of the rows used to show your history. Now, rather than showing the date, value, and amount of change in one long row, we have made the date a heading, with the value and change beneath it. We have also added Notes below this so the user can see any notes that have been added to different readings over time. We have also updated how your history is loaded, to ensure a smoother experience over time, along with being able to refresh that data using pull to refresh on the history list. We are working on some further behind the scenes improvements to Details View which we will roll out soon.

Introducing Reading Details

Today as part of our efforts to ensure managing your data is as simple as possible, we are introducing Reading Details. We have designed this new feature to show you the details of a specific reading, along with full controls over the management of that reading. As a starting point, this interface is activated through History in Details View by tapping a row in your available history. This has replaced the delete option from this action available previously.

Within the Reading Details dialog, users have two options available to them for the reading they are managing. First, users can delete the selected reading from their database. This when activated works in the same way as it did before.

We have now also added Update details, so that users can update the reading they are looking at. This also gives users the capability to update the note on the reading or add a note in the case that they do not have a note on that reading before. This means that users can easily update or delete a reading if it is not accurate. We are working on some further improvements to Reading Details that we will be looking to roll out at a later date.


Other fixes and improvements

  • We have fixed an issue in Details Views history list, where after scrolling to the bottom, users were unable to scroll back up without dismissing the entire UI. We have now prevented this. It also allows pull to refresh to work as expected in the history view.

  • We have updated all the colour sets to include a new complementary second colour to finish off our UI changes and improvements.

  • We have added animations to the filters panel in Feedback Centre and the Premium Features panel in Upgrade, to provide a smoother experience.

  • We have made some small cosmetic improvements to the upgrade page, adding some more rounding here and there to bring it in line with our overall app design style.

  • We have reduced the width that motivational quotes take up for a better reading experience.

  • We have updated History in Details View to show your history in descending order, so your newest reading comes first.


Known Issues

  • We are aware of an issue where if a user updates their most recent metric reading, the recent data in details view and on the Health dashboard do not update, we are working on a fix for this.

We are excited to bring this update to our users, to give you even more control over your data along with helping provide a little clearer insight into where you're going on your journey. We have more to bring you yet and are busy working on new features behind the scenes that we will start releasing to Insider Access users later this year.

Update - Azurite Fitness version 1.3.1 has now been released on production to all users on Google Play.

Let's keep moving forward together,

Tim C.

Azurite Fitness & Azurite Fitness Share Developer

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