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Azurite Fitness: 1.3.2

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Update - Azurite Fitness version 1.3.2 has now been released on production to all users on Google Play.

Today, we are rolling out Azurite Fitness version 1.3.2 for users first in our beta program, followed by production users soon after. This release introduces no new features or capabilities but focuses on general improvements and code optimisations that will help us to keep ensuring the best experience possible for all users.

Health & Measure unification

As a part of this update, though nothing will look different, we have worked to unify our health and measure functionalities to ensure easier maintenance in the future and to allow us to provide the best experience possible.

From this update onward, whenever you update a health or measure metric, you will be presented with the same interface that is adapted and capable of dealing with the different metrics that you want to keep a track of. We have also in this update, continued with our testing of using this dialog centrally rather than from the bottom of the screen, and we are looking forward to hearing user feedback about this change and whether it's better than the old way or not.

By carrying out this migration, the installation size of the app should drop slightly, along with making maintenance easier for us going forward, so we can guarantee the best possible experience across both Health and Measure metrics.

Details View improvements

As a part of the unification and improvements work, we've been carrying out, we have implemented some improvements to Details View to give you a better overall experience. To ensure that you are seeing the most up to date information, if you update a reading in the Reading Details dialog introduced in version 1.3.1, the graph, recent data and history will now update rather than just the history list. This applies if you delete or edit any metric, to ensure all your data is kept up to date in Details View and on the Dashboard.

Other fixes and improvements

  • We have fixed an issue in the text that was added to a completed target added for completing a Smart Goal.

  • We have fixed a typo in the Project Kilauea dashboard card.

  • We have updated the cards in the upgrade page to bring the premium options design in line with the rest of the app.

  • We added a ripple colour to the bottom navigation bar elements, to provide feedback to the user that a navigation element has been selected.

  • We have improved the UI of image saving progress to place the saving label above the progress bar but central with the progress indicator.

Known Issues

  • We are aware of an issue where Smart Goals may not be appearing on the Dashboard; we are looking into this. Your Smart Goals are still their however, so for now continue to update your Health metrics as normal.

  • We are aware of an issue where updating an image in a Metric does not refresh the Dashboard. This will be fixed in the next update.

Although it's not a major feature release, the work we've done will ensure a better experience over time and has made the app easier to manage further down the line as we work on some great new features for you to enjoy.

Let's keep moving forward together,

Tim C.

Azurite Fitness & Azurite Fitness Share Developer

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