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Azurite Fitness Beta 5.1 - V1.1.1

Today, we are releasing an incremental release to beta 5, which brings fixes and improvements based on the beta 5 release. These changes are designed to address issues from beta 5 including crashes caused by Auto-BMI.

To find out what is new in the core Beta 5 release, checkout this blog post!

Here is what's new in version 1.1.1 (9743)

Auto-BMI changes

In this release, we are making substantial changes to Auto-BMI and how it functions in the app. We have made multiple changes over the past few releases of the app, with this being the final one. As of this release, we no longer save any BMI readings to your database. This means we no longer have to query the database to fetch your BMI readings, meaning less networking has to be done. Instead, the app will calculate your BMI on the fly, using your latest weight reading in Body Weight Tracking. We are hoping that this reduces the number of issues being caused by Auto-BMI whilst still giving you the very best experience we can. As always, we encourage our users to send feedback to let us know what you think.

Other fixes and improvements

  • We have made some behind the scenes improvements to subscriptions.

  • We have made some back end changes for images that come with the app.

  • We have rolled out our new button icon + text design to other areas of the app, including Feedback Request.

  • We have added button pressed effects to the options in the settings menu, so it is clearer which one you have pressed.

Though it's only a small update, we hope the improvements and bug fixes included help to make your experience even better. If you encounter any further issues, please do get in touch or send us feedback in Feedback Centre.

Keep up the hustle,

Tim C.

Azurite Fitness Developer

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