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Azurite Fitness Beta 5 - V1.1.0

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Today, we are introducing a new beta for Azurite Fitness, and there is plenty to talk about when it comes to what's new! So we won't waste any time, let's get moving!

Here is what's new in version 1.1.0 (9710)

Refreshed branding, icon and UI

With this update, we are introducing our refreshed branding, to provide a lighter, brighter experience for all of our users. From the login to the dashboard, you will see the new icon and logo across the app. Yet that's not all, as the app icon has been updated too, with the refreshed icon design and a white background to the app icon. We hope you like this refresh. To find out more, head over to this accompanying blog post that goes into further detail about the refresh and what's yet to come.

As part of this work, we have also added some design and UI changes across the app, to clean up the UI and make the light and dark themes really shine. The main element of this can be seen on the dashboard through the removal of the accent colour from the top bar. By removing the accent colour, we are allowing the themes to shine whilst allowing the new brand stand out. We have also moved the gym and my motivation dashboard cards back up in priority so they can be seen.

We have also looked to improve areas of the app when a user may not be tracking a metric, to highlight the features available and what they aim to help you achieve. This work has included a new UI on the Dashboard Gym card and the Measure dashboard.

We have also been updating some of the buttons throughout the app, to a new icon + text based design, to bring further clarity to each button. We look forward to seeing what our users think of these buttons as we introduce them into more places across the app in coming updates.

Gym Setup Improvements

In beta 5, we have made some major changes and improvements to Gym, to make it more helpful to you. To start with, if you haven't setup Gym, the dashboard card will now show a new UI that prompts new users to setup the feature. Pressing the available button brings you to the Gym setup. Here, you can type in your gyms name and select your target number of yearly gym session using the slider, and as you change the values, we're saving in the background.

This is only the start of what we have planned, there is more coming to Gym in a future update.

All new Smart Goals

When Azurite Fitness first gained goals support back in early 2018, the implementation was rough and but functioned. It simple allowed a user to add a goal for any metric and track how they were doing moving toward that goal. However, this implementation was incredibly rough and didn't provide a clear, simple way to see where you were up to with your goal. It also allowed the creation of any goal value to aim for which in some cases could mean the ability to enter an unsafe goal, or a large goal that maybe hard to achieve in one go. However, we are looking to change that.

The original Goals implementation allowed goal creation but with no clear indication of where you were up to

Today, we are excited to introduce Smart Goals to the Azurite Fitness beta for health metrics: weight and body fat percentage. Smart Goals have been developed to help you take your goals, and make them smarter. We help you achieve this by breaking down large goals into smaller increments which we make the focus of your attention through the dashboard. We understand how difficult achieving goals is, and that if things go the wrong way slightly, it can have a negative impact upon motivation. Designing Smart Goals to help you create incremental goals, will aim to help you keep your goals smaller, so you can maintain motivation to reach your main goal.

To ensure simplicity, we have made creating a Smart Goal an easy 4 step setup process that sits right under your thumb.

Smart Goal setup helps break goals down into increments with ease
  1. First, you are required to provide your current metric value.

  2. Now, you provide your goal value.

  3. Then, you make your large goal smarter or simply check your already smart goal.

  4. Finally, we provide an overview of your smart goal before you save it.

We determine whether your goal is smart or could be smarter, by calculating the loss between your current value and goal value. If this loss is larger than a pre-set value, then we will help you to break the goal down into smaller increments.

Provided warning and recommended safe goal

We have also created built in safety precautions when you are creating your weight goal. We know how dangerous it is to aim for goals that take your body weight too low, and we want to help encourage all users to select a goal that is not only attainable, but safe. To do this, during weight smart goal setup, we will check your goal weight against our BMI calculation. If we find that your goal weight will take you into the underweight zone, we will provide you with the option to select a goal that we calculate will keep you safely within your healthy weight BMI zone that has a built in buffer to keep you away from the underweight zone. However, to ensure users have full control and flexibility, we have provided the ability to ignore this suggestion and use your original goal.

Dashboard card UI when smart goal is active

Once you have completed Smart Goal Setup, you will see your Smart Goal appear within the relevant card on your Dashboard. This shows your progress toward your increment goal, rather than your full goal. What this means, is if you have a bad week and go back a little, you only have to get back to your increment goal, rather than your main goal, which could be a much larger amount of get to, which in turn could cause more frustration and difficulty continuing toward your goal. Upon completing each increment, you will receive a visual indication within the relevant card to let you know where you're up to. Once you have hit your main goal, we will let you know, and will also automatically add a completed target for you to mark your goal being achieved.

We are excited to introduce this first phase of Smart Goals to you, and look forward to hearing your feedback. As part of this work, we have added Smart Goals to Feedback Centre, so our users can provide specific feedback about these new features. We hope to bring Smart Goal support to measure metrics in the future and we will let you know when it lands.

Introducing Azurite Fitness Premium

In this release, we are rolling out our new subscription offering to all users. With our subscription model, we have ensured that every user has access to the core features of Azurite Fitness, whether they are subscribed or not. So every user will have full access to all the features of the Health and Measure dashboard, to ensure the best app experience possible. Our subscription offering comes in three forms:

  • Monthly

  • Quarterly

  • Yearly

This allows our users the flexibility to choose the best subscription offering for them. With a subscription, every user will gain full access to all features across the app, from personalisation options to unlimited targets. Having a subscription will also remove ads from your experience, so you can carry on ad free. We will be ensuring going forward, that your subscription always unlocks more features for you to enjoy and to make the most of the app.

However, we know that some of our users arrived with us before these subscriptions arrived and so had access to all of the features that are now subscription only. We have ensured that those choices are respected in the app as much as possible, with the following considerations:

  • Users who selected an accent colour and image will see this continued to be used in the app, however they won't be able to be changed.

  • Azurite Photo Frame will be deactivated for all users without a subscription, with only personally selected images being able to be used.

  • Users with more than 5 incomplete targets will still see all of their targets, however they won't be able to create new targets until they have completed some targets.

  • Body fat weight tracking will be locked behind a subscription, however those with recorded metrics will still see them in the dashboard.

Subscriptions and ads have been added to the app so as to help fund the continued and future development of the app, along with the development of its iOS counterpart. We appreciate all of the support from all of our current and future users throughout the development process and hope the promise of full access to all future features will help to make a subscription with us worth while.

Other fixes and improvements

  • We have fixed the missing drag point marker from details view after a background colour change in beta 4.

  • When you update your body weight tracking metrics, we have fixed an issue that meant the unit of measurement wasn't shown in the amount lost UI.

  • We have increased the width of the update data button in measure cards as well as increasing the size of the plus icon.

  • We have added a new option to the photos menu in the Account page which will allow you to remove your profile photo if you want to.

  • We have fixed an issue in the height setup card in Personal Details, where if height is being setup for the first time and the user taps the +/- buttons to change the value, it would create a long decimal value rather than the required decimal value format.

  • We have consolidated what the new data buttons for achieve, health and measure say, replacing both strings with "+ New" instead.

  • We have improved the Account button in the settings menu to ensure the font of the text is correct.

  • We have made a change to prevent the now longer menu from covering the logo at the bottom of the settings menu.

  • We have reduced the rounding of the corners of the greeting card on the dashboard.

  • Added a small change to the top bar of the dashboard menu button to vertically centre it.

  • We have updated how the body weight tracking metrics work behind the scenes, so everything works a little better but you shouldn't see any changes in behaviour.

  • We have updated the UI slightly in Help & About to remove the accent colour from behind the logo to make it clearer.

  • We have added a button state for when you press, select, focus or hover on any of our new icon/text based buttons. This has been included in the number input to make it clearer that you've pressed a number + or - button.

Known issues:

  • We are aware of issues with Auto-BMI causing crashes in different areas of the app. This will be addressed in beta 5.1.

Incremental Update Release

We have released beta 5.1 with fixes and changes for some issues from beta 5. We are looking into other issues for a second incremental update to improve stability of beta 5. Head to this blog post to find out more.

We know it's taken a while to get this beta out, but we hope that the features we've added help to make your experience even better. Let us know what you think by heading to Feedback Centre. We are continually checking for new feedback and are always aiming to ensure your feedback helps shape the product we're building.

Keep up the hustle,

Tim C.

Azurite Fitness Developer

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