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Azurite Fitness Beta 3 - V1.0.2

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

We've been working on another update this week; with a few things we have been working on. We are working hard to get the app ready for more people to enjoy as we move forward. We cannot wait to hear from you.

Here is what's new in version 1.0.2 (8774)

Auto-BMI update

This update focuses on improvements to Auto-BMI, to ensure that it works as you'd expect it to, along with a bit of design refresh. We know that sometimes when you update your weight, the BMI shown at the bottom of the screen is usually a bit out with the weight shown. This issue is now fixed. We have also made changes to how we save and load Auto-BMI data, bringing it under the health segment in our database. This means that we can load and save the data a little more reliably and improves the app backend. Don't worry though, we have included a migration tool that will automatically move your data to its new home. Though we know BMI isn't the most accurate measure of health, we appreciate that some of our users find it a helpful tool to have, so we hope these improvements create a better experience for you.

Gym improvements

We have made some minor changes and improvements to the UI of the Gym card on the Dashboard. This update means the card takes up a little less space for the same details as before. We've also simplified the labels that appear before your data in the card.

Feedback Request

Today, we are introducing Feedback Request on the Dashboard. This is a new experience that adds to what we are already offering with Feedback Centre. Providing feedback is a critical way for us to know what our users are thinking and what they want most from the app. Our original Feedback Centre gives all users the chance to not just submit feedback to us, but to also vote on feedback supplied by other users. With Feedback Request, we are adding another level to our feedback and user connection efforts.

We have designed Feedback Request to be as flexible as possible, to allow us to gain different insight, but to also allow users to submit anonymous feedback to help us shape the product. We have built Feedback Request so that users only see requests that they have not seen before. As part of our initiative to not bombard users with requests for feedback however, these will be limited to one or two requests a week, and will only be requested upon opening the app. The requests for feedback that we make, will be specific to work that is either upcoming or that is already being done, so all feedback through Feedback Request will be vital to efforts for new features and improvements.

We are looking forward to gaining further insight from our users and building a better connection with you. We have so much more planned going forward, ensuring we gain insight from our users from the start is vital to ensuring we build the product that you want.

Stay safe and well,

Tim C.

Azurite Fitness Developer

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