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Azurite Fitness: General availability

Updated: May 7, 2021

Today, we are incredibly proud to announce that Azurite Fitness has officially launched on Google Play! We are immensely grateful to everyone who has supported the project and provided feedback throughout the app's development and hope that even more feedback can be actioned as we move forward into the future of Azurite Fitness.

For this momentous blog post, we want to cover everything new that's arriving in this release, as well as all the features available in the app today.

Here is what's included in version 1.2.3 (10610)

Insider Access

The Insider Access Program is our way of continuing to push new features out to users who want to try the latest and greatest features before they are made generally available! This means that as a beta user, you will gain access to these features even sooner. For users of our production channel builds, you will also gain access to these new features over time.

What this means, is that our beta testers will still get the earliest access, along with testing bug fixes and general app improvements first before we push them out publicly. However, we believe that allowing all users access to what's coming next, will help us to build a better product with you moving forward.

The Insider Access Program has two levels of access to new features: full access and session access. Full access will give you access to all beta features at all times, so every session in the app, you will see beta features, which is ideal for those who want the latest and greatest features as soon as they become available.

Session access has been designed for those who want to stick primarily with features that are production only but may want to take a look at what's coming. Activating session access, will make beta features available for your current session only, and will be turned off once you close and reopen the app.

We believe that these two levels cover all basis well and give the largest number of people access to the latest and greatest features of the future, whilst ensuring the best quality experience in the case that any early features cause any unexpected problems.


Measure has been designed to help you keep track of your progress, allowing you to flexibly track your measurements. With metrics ranging from your legs and arms, to your chest and waist, it provides a wide range of measurement metrics to help you see where your journey is taking you. Plus, with the data and images being independent of each other, you can track this progress exactly how you want. Whether that's with accurate measurements, pictures, or both, we've got you covered. We have also kept the amount of data we show to a minimum on the dashboard, however, tapping on a data card will reveal Details View, with a graph of your most recent data points and history, letting you see a full view of your progress.


The health dashboard has been designed to help you track your health metrics, with body weight tracking in mind. Including key metrics such as weight and body fat percentage, you will find a simple and easy to use tracker. Along with the flexibility to track with numbers, photos or both, body weight tracking fully supports Details View, so you can get a more detailed look at how you have progressed. And with Auto-BMI providing a BMI check on your current weight update, you get an even deeper insight into your health.

We have also included in this release, a first look at the new Health update design, which brings the Health Dashboard in-line with the Measure Dashboard, with similar update design interfaces to allow for a more familiar experience. This is available for Insider Access users, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.


The achieve dashboard has been designed to let you create targets for yourself that you aim to achieve. We have designed this feature to be completely in your control, allowing you to create the target, mark it as complete when you feel it is complete, or delete it if you aren't happy with it. Plus, we give you access to your completed targets as well, so you can see just what you have achieved so far.

Smart Goals

Smart Goals have been developed to help you take your goals and make them smarter. We help you achieve this by breaking down large goals into smaller increments which we make the focus of your attention through the dashboard. We understand how difficult achieving goals is, and that if things go the wrong way slightly, it can have a negative impact upon motivation. Designing Smart Goals to help you create incremental goals, will aim to help you keep your goals smaller, so you can maintain motivation to reach your main goal.

To ensure simplicity, we have made creating a Smart Goal an easy 4 step setup process that sits right under your thumb.

Smart Goal setup helps break goals down into increments with ease
  1. First, you are required to provide your current metric value.

  2. Next, you provide your goal value.

  3. Then, you make your large goal smarter or simply check your already smart goal.

  4. Finally, we provide an overview of your smart goal before saving it.

We determine whether your goal is smart or could be smarter, by calculating the loss between your current value and goal value. If this loss is larger than a pre-set value, then we will help you to break the goal down into smaller increments.

Provided warning and recommended safe goal

We have also created built in safety precautions when you are creating your weight goal. We know how dangerous it is to aim for goals that take your body weight too low, and we want to help encourage all users to select a goal that is not only attainable, but safe. To do this, during weight smart goal setup, we will check your goal weight against our BMI calculation. If we find that your goal weight will take you into the underweight zone, we will provide you with the option to select a goal that we calculate will keep you safely within your healthy weight BMI zone that has a built-in buffer to keep you away from the underweight zone. However, to ensure users have full control and flexibility, we have provided the ability to ignore this suggestion and use your original goal.

Dashboard card UI when smart goal is active

Once you have completed Smart Goal Setup, you will see your Smart Goal appear within the relevant card on your Dashboard. This shows your progress toward your increment goal, rather than your full goal. What this means, is if you have a bad week and go back a little, you only have to get back to your increment goal, rather than your main goal, which could be a much larger amount to get to, which in turn could cause more frustration and difficulty continuing toward your goal. Upon completing each increment, you will receive a visual indication within the relevant card to let you know where you're up to. Once you have hit your main goal, we will let you know, and will also automatically add a completed target for you to mark your goal being achieved.

Gym & My Motivation

My Motivation is designed to let you provide your own individualised touch, with a place for goal or a motivational quote from someone you admire. Plus, with Azurite Photo Frame for Premium users, you will be provided with different images at different times of the day.

Setup your gym and set yourself a target for the number of visits to your gym. Log each session and see the visits number going up. Plus, we have added a total value, which will never reset!

Feedback Centre

With Feedback Centre in Azurite Fitness, user feedback takes priority, with all user feedback available for others to vote for. We want to have a close and honest connection with our users, to help build a product that they want. With the ability to vote on every piece of feedback, we will be able to build a picture of just what our users want. We will then use this feedback to build an app that our users want, along with some things that they may not expect. We've made sure that the feedback submission for all users is quick and easy. Users can simply select from the dropdown menus available to them, provide a title and details of the feedback, and send it on its way. It couldn't get simpler than that.

Azurite Fitness Premium

With our subscription model, we have ensured that every user has access to the core features of Azurite Fitness, whether they are subscribed or not. So every user will have full access to all the features of the Health and Measure dashboard, to ensure the best app experience possible. Our subscription offering comes in three forms:

  • Monthly

  • Quarterly

  • Yearly

This allows our users the flexibility to choose the best subscription offering for them. With a subscription, every user will gain full access to all features across the app, from personalisation options to unlimited targets. Having a subscription will also remove ads from your experience, so you can carry on ad free. We will be ensuring going forward, that your subscription always unlocks more features for you to enjoy and to make the most of the app.

Info Cards

We have designed Info Cards to be able to display different types of information when you need it. We have included Info Card access through Auto-BMI, the general Measure Dashboard and the individual Measure Metrics currently available in this release, for metrics such as arms and legs.

Other fixes and improvements

  • We have centred the content of the Login screen, so it appears in the centre of the screen. This can be seen most on larger devices.

  • We have made the buttons on the login screen slightly wider to ensure the "Forgotten password" button has some space to the sides.

  • We have fixed alignment issues for imperial height measurement in Personal Details.

  • We have updated the greeting on the Dashboard, so it appears to the left side.

  • We have made changes to how we load your profile photo. Now when you update your profile photo, we clear the cache of the existing image, once the image has loaded in the places its needed, it will be always available.

  • We have updated the Edit/Save buttons on the Account page to make them use the users chosen accent colour.

  • We have fixed an issue where updating the goal in Personal details would seem to update but upon returning to the page would be what it was before.

  • We have fixed an issue on the Measure dashboard, where the Feature Information sheet was being hidden when data was available.

  • We have updated our number input UI, so the buttons are spread evenly under the text box. This is to ensure all 4 buttons fit nicely on any screen size.

  • We have added some logic to ensure that imperial and metric height readings are accurate.

  • We have added some checks in Smart Goals to ensure that your goal values are as accurate as possible. For example, it will ensure a body fat percentage goal is not above 100%.

  • We have made changes to areas of UI in the app to ensure they are accessible as possible.

  • We have added some changes to Body Weight Tracking and the new Health update UI for Insider Access users, to check weight and body fat percentage values. For example, it will ensure a body fat percentage goal is not above 100%.

  • We have fixed an issue that could cause Smart Goals to crash if a BMI reading is above or below the limits of BMI Zones.

  • We have made changes for the use of decimal values across the app. We will be adding improved support for different decimal formats in different locales soon, such as those that use a comma rather than a decimal point.

Known Issues

  • We are aware off an issue in the Measure Dashboard, that may cause multiple versions of a metric card while you update that metric. We are looking into a fix.

  • If a user tracks all 14 measure metrics, the "+ New" button doesn't disappear.

  • We are investigating an issue affecting the Info Card for Under Weight BMI Zone.

The Future

Today is just the first step for Azurite Fitness. We believe that we are providing the initial core features for our users to keep track of where their fitness journey is taking them. We have so much yet to bring you and we cannot wait to start working on new features and experiences to bring you the best platform to track your health and fitness.

Coming Soon: Project Kilauea (Phase One)

We are excited today, to be able to introduce the first phase of Project Kilauea that will be included in Azurite Fitness soon. Phase 1 is all about crowd sourcing valuable information for further work that will be included in Phase 2 and onward of Project Kilauea.

For phase 1, we will be introducing Exercise Submission, an easy-to-use form that will allow users to impart their knowledge of an exercise for inclusion in our database. Once submitted, each exercise will be awaiting review, which will ensure Exercise Submission Guidelines are respected and that every exercise is of the highest quality to ensure every user, from beginner to advanced can use each exercise worry free.

As part of Phase 1, we will also ensure that all users have access to all reviewed and awaiting review exercises, allowing our users to see which exercises are available or are awaiting review,

Every user who submits an exercise will be contributing to helping and supporting others to achieve their goals by ensuring that every user has access to the exercises that can help them do that. There is so much more coming to Project Kilauea in the following phases, and we cannot wait to start releasing parts of the project to users. Though we know it will take time to build up our exercise database, we appreciate every single user who submits an exercise and thank you for your contribution.

We are eternally grateful to everyone who has made any contribution to the Azurite Fitness journey so far and look forward to even more incredible contributions moving forward. With Azurite Fitness, we strive to build an app experience for everyone, with features that will be loved and will help even more people achieve incredible things. We hope you enjoy what we have introduced so far, and we look forward to introducing even more new features in the months and years to come.

Hears to achieving incredible together,

Tim C.

Azurite Fitness Developer

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