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Azurite Fitness: Open Beta Coming Soon

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Today, I am proud to announce that the open beta for Azurite Fitness is coming soon! It has been a long road, but it is nearing the time to give you access to the current version. Today, I wanted to briefly outline where we are and how we will decide when we have a build ready for our beta testers.

As we prepare for releasing the first open beta build, we are working through thorough testing of all the current features of the app. We have a first release candidate (RC) build, with all the testing results being carefully recorded and all issues found being investigated and fixed. Once these test rounds lead to a build with all tests passing, the app will be passed onto a select group of people who will be able to look through the app and give it a real world test drive.

Then, when we believe we have a build for release, this will be our official release candidate build, and will be the build you will be able to sign up to test first in the beta. Once this version is available, we will be monitoring how the app performs and any bugs that arise will be investigated. We will also be monitoring feedback from our users and will begin working on some improvements based on that.

In the coming months, we will also be adding advertising to the beta versions of the app. However, we appreciate as beta users that these will be intrusive and cause annoyance. However, Azurite Fitness Premium is being developed to remove ads for all premium users, as well as giving access to every feature, always.

We cannot wait to get an official first beta release to our users and connect with you through your feedback. Feedback centre is built into the app and all feedback will be checked and official statuses posted by us.

The time is almost here, the open beta is coming.

Tim Clarkson

Azurite Fitness Developer

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