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Azurite Fitness Open Beta - Now Available!

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

This week, we have launched the Azurite Fitness Open Beta on Google Play. Though it has been a long time coming, we are incredibly proud to be bringing the first preview of the app to more people. Though this release does not truly reflect our full plan, it aims to introduce you to a new platform, where what its users have to say is taken fully into consideration throughout development.

There are several features in this first release, and we will be uploading a blog post to fill you in on the contents of every update going forward. So, here goes!

Here is what's new in version 1.0.0 (8600)

Progress. Measured.

Measure has been designed to help you keep track of your progress, allowing you to flexibly track your measurements. With metrics ranging from your legs and arms, to your chest and waist, it provides a wide range of measurement metrics to help you see where your journey is taking you. Plus, with the data and images being independent of each other, you can track this progress exactly how you want. Whether that's with accurate measurements, pictures, or both, we've got you covered. We have also kept the amount of data we show to a minimum on the dashboard, however, tapping on a data card will reveal Details View, with a graph of your most recent data points and history, letting you see a full view of your progress.

Weight. Tracked.

The health dashboard has been designed to help you track your health metrics, with body weight tracking in mind. Including key metrics such as weight and body fat percentage, you will find a simple and easy to use tracker. Along with the flexibility to track with numbers, photos or both, body weight tracking fully supports Details View, so you can get a more details look at how you have progressed. And with Auto-BMI providing a BMI check on each weight update, you get an even deeper insight into your health.

Personal. Motivation.

My Motivation is designed to let you provide your own individualized touch, with a place for goal or a motivational quote from someone you admire. Plus, with Azurite Photo Frame, you will be provided with different images at different times of the day.

Your voice. Your App.

With the new Feedback Centre in Azurite Fitness, user feedback takes priority, with all user feedback available for others to vote for. We want to have a close and honest connection with our users, to help build a product that they want. With the ability to vote on every piece of feedback, we will be able to build a picture of just what our users want. We will then use this feedback to build an app that our users want, along with some things that they may not expect. We've made sure that the feedback submission for all users is quick and easy. Users can simply select from the dropdown menus available to them, provide a title and details of the feedback, and send it on its way. It couldn't get simpler than that.

Also included:


  • Accent colour selection that is applied throughout the app.

  • Full theme support across all versions of android, with full light and dark themes throughout the app.

  • Select one of 4 images that will appear in the account page to give you a more personal experience.


  • Setup your gym and set yourself a target for the number of visits to your gym. Log each session and see the visits number going up, plus we have added a total value, which will never reset!

And plenty more to get your teeth into, with even more yet to come!

Find the beta on Google Play, head to the store here.

We hope that you enjoy trying out this very first build of Azurite Fitness. This is only the beginning and we hope to bring even more to you over the months leading up to the full release. For further updates, check out our Instagram and Facebook pages, or keep an eye on our beta page, where we will provide details on all new features and updates. We cannot wait to hear what you think of the experience so far and look forward to reviewing your feedback soon!

Keep safe and well,

Tim C.

Azurite Fitness Developer

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