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Azurite Fitness: Our Next Step

When we released Azurite Fitness back in January, we knew that it was only the beginning of our journey to giving users a different way to do and share fitness. As a first step, we believed that covering the core elements of tracking basic health and fitness, through Measure, Health and Smart Goals was an ideal starting point to be at. Though these only cover a small part of what we plan to cover, it gave us a foundation upon which we could build and move forward.

When we look at health and fitness, we believe that anyone can go on to achieve incredible. No matter who we are, each of us has that capability within to excel and improve our health and fitness, whether that be only slightly for better general health, or going all in and making health and fitness a way of life. Whatever goal is in mind, there is a way to achieve it.

With Azurite Fitness, we want to try to create and build something different. Something that lets people help others, even if they don't know the people they are helping. Over the past 12 months, we have seen just how much people can pull together to help each other and make amazing things happen. We hope to take that incredible energy and apply it to health and fitness in a unique way. Though today's announcement is only one of our next steps, we believe that it will help to line things up that are coming after.

Announcing Azurite Fitness Share

Today, we are proud to announce the first phase of our new project: Azurite Fitness Share. We believe that when people pull together, amazing things are possible. In this first version, our focus is on exercises and building a database with everyone, with every field you could want available, from the equipment required for the exercise, the type of grip used and even whether the exercise is performed stood up, sat down, inclined, or declined. We know just how important it is to be able to find exercises that are best suited to the individual, which is why these fields are so important.

What we have also ensured, is that providing information is incredibly easy. We have paired up pieces of information in the app, to ensure simplicity and ease of access for all, but you don't have to fill both pieces of information in if you don't know them. Simply add the information you know, and tap save. We have also added blank field filters, so you can select which blank fields across all exercises you want to see.

When an exercise appears to have all the necessary information included, users can then submit the exercise for review. We have made this super easy. When an exercise details shows the "Submit" button, just one tap and the exercise is on its way to be reviewed. Once exercises are reviewed, they will be listed under reviewed exercises on the Dashboard.

However, we know that we aren't perfect, and we may miss some thing or make a mistake when reviewing a submitted exercise. With that in mind, we have included Suggest Changes" for all reviewed exercises in the database. If you see something in a reviewed exercise that doesn't seem right, simply submit the changes you are suggesting. People will be able to see those suggestions on the Dashboard and vote on them after reviewing the details. We will then look at those with the most votes and incorporate any changes that are needed.

As a part of the platform, we allow you to keep track of just what you've submitted, including how many individual details you have submitted, how many exercises you have contributed to, and how many exercises you have submitted. With every detail you add and exercise you contribute to and exercise you submit; you earn points.

There are a vast number of exercises out there, and we know that we haven't included them all. That's why we have included "Exercise Request" as part of Azurite Fitness Share. If there is an exercise you really want to see but can't find, or an exercise you know you can provide details for but it's not available, simply submit the exercises name to us and we will review and add it to our database if we find it to be missing.

We also value every piece of feedback that our users have to offer. That's why, like Azurite Fitness, we have included Feedback Centre with Azurite Fitness Share, so we can work with our users to create the best experience possible. We have plenty more planned, but we want to ensure, first and foremost, that we are building the product you want to use.

Introducing the Share Partner Program

Azurite Fitness Share is all about sharing information and details which will in time help others to achieve goals to shape their future. We know therefore that accuracy and consistency are also incredibly important. That is where the Share Partner Program comes in. With the Share Partner Program, we are looking for a small number of individuals who are fitness enthusiasts or qualified Personal Trainers or Coaches, who would be happy to voluntarily provide exercise images and videos for exercises across our database. Though this may seem to go against the idea of crowd sourcing we believe that it is important to ensure videos and images are submitted by a smaller number, for verification of the content and to ensure that the visual content across exercises is from a select few rather than the many. This will in turn, help to ensure quality of the visual content along with showing the best form possible in every exercise.

Once you apply for the Share Partner Program, we will be in touch with you if you are successfully selected to go through a few things and ensure the video and image submission guidelines are clear. Once that is out of the way, it's as easy as entering a 12-character code* into the app to activate the permissions assigned. Once verified, the user of that account will then be able to submit video and image content for any exercise, with the content only becoming available for every user to see after the full submission and review of the exercise.

To sign up for the Share Partner Program, click here.

This is only the first phase in the plan for the new features and experiences we have lined up. The next phase will see Project Kilauea brought to life in Azurite Fitness, bringing the exercise details shared through Azurite Fitness Share to life and ensuring that people have the best possible experience possible. We will be releasing the app on Google Play soon, so watch this space!

Keep up the hustle,

Tim C.

Azurite Fitness & Azurite Fitness Share Developer

* All Share Partner codes are for one use only and cannot be reused by other users once activated. This applies also if a user leaves the program, the code is no longer usable.

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