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Azurite Fitness: Supporting Pride, all year round

In the world today, there are so many millions of incredible, dynamic, unique individuals. Individuals whose differences set them apart, differences that fill them with pride each day. Differences that, when all said and done, make the world a more diverse, interesting, and incredible place. Yet every single one of us has a commonality: we are all human beings.

As human beings, we all deserve the right to be who we are. The right to live our lives in the way that we want to, as the people we are. Being different is nothing to be ashamed of or afraid of. It is something to be proud of, something that can help shape a better tomorrow and give others hope for the future. Being unique makes the world an interesting place, filled with light and life.

For so many years, amazing people fought for equality, for the right to be accepted as who they were. Fought through injustice, prejudice, pain and discrimination on so many distinct levels. They fought not just for themselves, but for the next generations to come, so that they would not have to go through the same difficulties as they had endured.

Thanks to their selflessness and bravery, going up against all the problems in society facing them, we celebrate a world where more people than ever before can live their lives as the people they are. More people can be accepted for who they are and receive fairer treatment than seen before.

Pride helps us celebrate where we are today, to celebrate every single incredible person and who they are. A celebration of every unique soul on the planet. Yet it also helps us remember and show our gratitude and appreciation for the incredible people that went before us, that fought for us, and delivered a fairer world for us all.

However, there is still more to be done. In a world that is constantly changing, and facing life changing moments everywhere, we cannot forget those who still do not have the acceptance, security, or freedom to live their own lives in this world. Every person has the right to live how they choose to live, to be who they are and to express themselves in their own, unique way.

At Azurite Systems, we believe that Pride is more than just a month in the year: it is a yearlong celebration of life and the unique and incredible people who make the LGBTQ+ community the vibrant, diverse community that it is. Yet it is also a commitment to continuing the fight for equality, for the freedom for people to be whoever they are, wherever they are.

In our upcoming Azurite Fitness update and Azurite Fitness Share release, we are celebrating Pride in our own, unique way. At this moment, both apps support twenty different accent colours to help users create an experience that is personal to them. To celebrate Pride, we are adding ten brand new colour combinations to the apps, each with unique light and dark mode variations. Yet to take this a step further, 8 of these 10 new colours have been selected by members of the LGBTQ+ community, as a celebration of Pride for all.

Yet there is more. Since we believe that Pride is something that is always to be celebrated, these new colours will not simply be added for the duration of Pride month, but will be added permanently to the apps, to help our users create the personal experience they want and express themselves in their own way. To check out those new colour sets, head over to Instagram to check them out.

At Azurite Systems, we will always stand by our and every community in need of support, in the ongoing battles they face.

Pride is always, never just a month.

Tim C.

Azurite Fitness Developer

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