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Feature series: Details View

As a part of the ongoing development of Azurite Fitness, we wanted to provide a blog feature series that would go into more detail about the features available within Azurite Fitness, in particular those which may not be as obvious at the current time. As the development progresses, we will be adding new elements to these features as well as refining what is already there, and we will update these posts with all new details as they are released. We are looking forward to bringing even more great features to all our users in the future.

Introducing Details View

Details View has been designed to be as flexible as possible for showing you the data that you have tracked with Azurite Fitness. Although Details View does not currently support every feature in the app, it has a set of core features that will allow users to keep track of their progress over time. This is important through a fitness journey, and some will draw enthusiasm and determination from seeing the progress they've made so far. We will be looking to add further features and support to Details View over time.

Simple start-up

We started off by ensuring that getting to Details View was as simple as possible for any metric. To open Details View for any supported metric, it takes the tap of a metric card. An example of this comes from the Health dashboard. By tapping on the Weight card here, Details View will be opened with the user's data specific to the Weight metric.

Glanceable details

We then thought about how to provide an easy to view glance of your most recent progress. When we were originally planning these features, we had thought about adding them within the dashboard, with a graph that could be changed to show the different metrics available.

However, it was our belief that by showing the data per metric in a more glanceable way, it would give the user more insight, whilst allowing us to keep the dashboard as clear and easy to view as possible.

As can be seen, we carried the most recent data into Details View, followed by a graph that shows the user their most recent progress. Plus, if the user only has 1 - 2 readings, the graph will remain hidden to keep things streamlined. This keeps things clear and easy to read and understand. And as a small spoiler at the bottom, photos support is coming soon, with Measure the best example of how it will work.

Data history

It was also important for us to ensure that users could see a full view of the progress history in different metrics. When the app was first developed in 2017, these were separate, dedicated screens in the app. To streamline things and improve the backend of the app, we rolled it into Details View.

It can be easily accessed by tapping the view button, and easily hidden again with the same button. Through this view, users can also delete data entries by pressing and holding on the entry, then tapping yes on the delete dialog. Our aim is to make sure our users have complete control over their data, and we will be introducing some further changes and improvements in the near future to accommodate the flexibility we want our users to have.

This is only the start of the journey and there is so much more to come. We will be adding support for Details View to other metrics in the app soon, along with some other features that you will find useful. Not to mention the spoiler from above about photo support.

We cannot wait to hear what you think of Details View and look forward to your feedback so we can make this feature even more useful. Plus, we will update each feature series post with any feature changes, additions, or improvements we make leading up to launch!

Keep safe and well,

Tim C.

Azurite Fitness Developer

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