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Looking to the Future for Azurite Fitness

Since beginning the project back in 2017, Azurite Fitness has come a long way. From arriving at the name that it is now known by and the brand design, a lot has changed. It only takes one look at the app itself to see just how far the app has come since it's original inception back in 2017.

Back on August 7th this year, we made the first beta build available to the public. Since then, we have been working hard to bring new features and improvements to the app through multiple different releases. This work continues, as we work toward a point where we are ready to begin preparing for our first official public release.

Brand refresh

As can be seen from the image at the top of this blog post, the brand has changed since work initially began. Throughout the initial stages of the project, the logo and brand was simple, but at the end of December 2018, we unveiled our brand new look to take us into a new year. Designed to give a modern, clean look to our brand, it has continued to work well and be flexible in our material.

Now however, after a turbulent year for us all, but with our first official release coming into sight, we are now looking to introduce a refresh to our brand, to give a clean design that represents the next chapter of the apps story. However, the logo itself isn't changing too much, allowing for familiarity for our users, yet a fresher look and feel across the board.

We are proud to be introducing this brand refresh, and are looking forward to it representing us and the app for the foreseeable future. It really does mark a whole new chapter for us as we move forward and focus on bringing ever more great features to all of our users.

Website & app update

We aren't stopping there with our refresh work. Today, we are also announcing that we will over the coming weeks be introducing a major update to our website. Our focus, like with our branding, was to brighten things up and make our site feel more welcoming to all its visitors. You will find all of the same content with some new bits and pieces as well, but all with a cleaner, fresher and lighter design.

In the next few weeks, we will also be introducing a major update to our beta testers that will include some visual changes to reflect our branding change, including a new app icon. The update will also include a number of fixes and improvements, along with a number of new features and offerings that we can't wait to introduce you to.

Beta updates

Since the first beta release back in August, we have been busy working on new features, improvements and fixes to issues our uses have been having. Over the coming weeks, we will be releasing further updates with even more improvements and fixes to ensure you get the very best experience, as well as some new features we think you will love.

Today, we are also announcing that we will soon be opening Pre-registration for Azurite Fitness on Google Play. We cannot wait to hit this momentous milestone and make the app available to everyone. This is however, only the beginning of the journey and we have plenty more planned before and after that point.

For some further clarity, the beta of Azurite Fitness will continue to run after we have released to production, so that we can test bug fixes and improvements with our early adopters before rolling them out to everyone. We will also be introducing some further new features which will be touched upon in a moment, to our beta testers first. We are excited to get these planned new features to you and to connect with even more beta users as we move forward.

Project Kilauea

Back in May 2020, we announced that a preview of Project Kilauea would be arriving soon. However, due to the circumstances that we have all been in over the past few months, we haven't yet been able to bring you this preview. We are working hard to prepare Project Kilauea for preview, to give our beta testers the first official access to what it will offer. We plan to bring you an array of features that will help you track your progress and achieve the goals you set out to achieve.

These are exciting times for Azurite Fitness, and we are only just getting started. There is so much more to come with plenty of projects planned and lined up. We will be providing further details regarding the future of the beta program and what to expect from it going forward, along with sneak peeks at Project Kilauea. We cannot wait to take you on this journey with us, and to be a part of your journey to incredible achievements.

Keep up the hustle,

Tim C.

Azurite Fitness Developer

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