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Azurite Fitness Share: General Availability

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Today, we are proud to announce the public release of Azurite Fitness Share on Google Play. This is a milestone that begins our preparations for further features coming to both Azurite Fitness and Azurite Fitness Share. Today, we wanted to go through what's available in this release, revealing some of the UI changes that have landed through our work on Azurite Fitness recently.

Here is what's included in version 1.0.0 (789)

Exercise Submission

One of the key components of today's release is our Exercise Submission dashboard. We have compiled a list of many exercises that we want to ensure are included in our database. We have worked to ensure that submitting information for any exercise is incredibly easy.

We have broken each field for every exercise into pairs where we could. It is as simple as selecting the information you want to add, selecting the correct options and tapping save. However, we know that you may not have all the answers and you may only be able to provide one piece of the information requested by the available card. With how we have built Azurite Fitness share, this is not a problem, as we only save what you add or change and nothing more. Once you tap save, the add UI will let you know when the data is saved, and you should see the details page update to show the information that you have just submitted.

Exercise Request

Exercises are a vital and core part of any workout, and we know how important it is that you have information on the exercises that you need. However, we know that we will have missed exercises from our list so far. If any user cannot find an exercise that they want, in either the incomplete or reviewed lists, they can submit the exercise through Exercise Request. Simply type the name of the exercise you want into the text box and tap submit. We will check whether the exercise is included and is awaiting review, and if not will add the exercise to the database.

Suggested Changes

When an incomplete exercise is submitted for review, it is moved to a new part of our database to ensure that no further changes can be made. The exercise will then be reviewed to ensure the content is as accurate as possible before being marked as approved and made available as a reviewed exercise. Yet we know that we might make mistakes and miss something that might not be right in an exercise. Therefore, we have included Suggest Changes in this first release.

If something isn't right, a user can submit a suggested change. This will appear on the Suggestions dashboard where other users can vote on any suggested change, they believe will add more accuracy to the exercise being corrected. Highly voted for suggestions will then be reviewed and implemented if the change is deemed to improve the overall quality of the exercise available.

Share Partner Program

Today's release also serves as the launch of the Share Partner Program. We know just how important it is to have high quality information for every exercise so that every person can go to them confidently and knowing that they are safe to do. The Share Partner Program is designed to allow a select group of users upload image and video files to the database for each exercise. We want to ensure consistency by allowing only a small number of users to become a part of this program, to ensure that the videos provided are easily verified to ensure that they are within the bounds of the Exercise Submission Guidelines.

To learn more about the Share Partner Program, head over here.

Full Azurite Fitness Settings access

Azurite Fitness Share is built on the core of Azurite Fitness, and makes use of the same account, allowing every user to register in one app and login to both with the same details. To aid this, we have ensured you have full access to your core app settings, such as personal details and personalisation, so you can make sure you get the best experience possible.

New Colours

Today as a part of our commitment to supporting and standing by the LGBTQ+ community, we have enabled our new colour selection in Azurite Fitness Share as part of this first release. Most of the new colours have been selected by members of the community and we cannot express our appreciation for the time they took to select their colours of choice. Since Pride is always, not just a month, these colours have been added permanently to the app as a gesture of solidarity to all in the community. Head over and choose from the thirty colours in our selection along with tailored dark theme variations that make the app shine.

All these colours will be landing in Azurite Fitness soon, so stay tuned for our next update! *

Feedback Centre

We believe that great experiences come from connection with our users. That is why we have built Feedback Centre into Azurite Fitness Share, to ensure that we have a direct connection with all our users, so we can build the product that works best for everyone.

This is only the beginning of the journey for Azurite Fitness Share, and there is plenty more still to come. We deeply appreciate every single piece of information that our users provide and will continue to evolve the app and bring more awesome features over time.

Find Azurite Fitness Share here, on Google Play.

Let's keep moving forward together,

Tim C.

Azurite Fitness & Azurite Fitness Share Developer

*Until the next version of Azurite Fitness launches, any users of both apps will notice that if they select one of the 10 new colours, that colour is not represented by Azurite Fitness, which will default back to our accent blue. This will be addressed upon our next release.

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